Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Maintenance

Having sewage in your home is not only horrible to smell, but it can also cause serious health problems. Alliance Restoration provides emergency sewage cleanup 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for residential and commercial properties located in Rhode Island and nearby areas in MA and CT. Whether you have a small residential pipe leak, or extensive damage from a mainline, it is imperative to ensure the affected area is properly cleaned and sanitized to prevent any contamination and spreading of infectious bacteria.

Emergency sewage cleanup can be handled by our experienced trained technicians who can identify and mitigate any further damage from occurring in your home. ALL emergency sewage cleanup is urgent and important whether it be a small area needing sanitizing or a large area requiring extraction, we have the equipment and skills to handle any situation.

Once any standing sewage has been extracted, we use industry approved products to sanitize areas including flooring, floorboards, walls, and furniture. Some materials cannot be cleaned and require removal, such as carpets, and when identified we use OSHA approved process and protective gear to ensure all contaminates and bacteria are removed from your house keeping your family safe while doing everything, we can to minimize your personal property loss.

Plumber assembling siphon of the bathroom washbasin

As with all services, we can schedule an onsite inspection with one of our professionally trained and certified Project Mangers to identify the problem and create an action plan that works for you and your family. Inspections are free and we can work with your insurance company directly for approval before any work starts.

With a sewage backup, it is almost always easy to smell. Our technicians will respond to any emergency sewage cleanup at any point in the day or night. Having a sewage backup can lead to health issues that can eventually cause death. Being a sewage cleanup company, we are certified in the extraction and disinfection of the damaged area.

From a toilet overflowing in the bathroom to an entire commercial residence backing up, Alliance Restoration treats each sewage backup cleanup the same.

What to expect with a sewage cleanup:

  1. Our technicians first extract the standing sewage in the affected area.
  2. The technicians write down all of the contents affected by the sewage.
  3. The technicians will discard any walls, floors, and ceilings affected and any contents unable to be cleaned.
  4. After the affected area is cleared of anything in contact with the sewage, the technicians will then disinfect it. Depending on the size or type of area affected, technicians will either spray and wipe with a high-powered disinfectant or the area will be power washed and steam cleaned by our truck-mounted machine.
  5. Our technicians will end up leaving equipment that will remove moisture and the rancid smell.

As with all services, we can schedule an onsite inspection with one of our licensed project managers. The project managers will be able to identify the issue and create a plan that works best for YOU! Inspections are free and we can work with your insurance company directly for approval before any of the work starts!

Some of our services include:

  • Disinfection of infected surfaces
  • Extraction
  • Removal of contaminated contents or surfaces
  • Disposal
  • Truck-mounted steam cleaning and power washing.

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